Main Street

Clarksville logoClarksville is a designated Main Street Community.

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Vision Statement
Clarksville Main Street looks forward to the rejuvenated pride of our people enabled by a partnership between business owners, residents and the City of Clarksville creating long range economic growth through promotion, historic preservation and restoration of the downtown square.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clarksville Main Street Program is to instill a “passion for the possible” into the citizens of Clarksville by utilizing the Texas Main Street Four-Point approach – design, organization, promotion and economic restructuring – as a method of restoring our historic charm, architecture and reviving economic development in our downtown business district.


A strong Main Street program flows from its mission statement in conjunction with its core values. Our core values give our program structure and serve as a constant beacon that drives us collectively and individually as we work to fulfill the principals embodied in our mission statement.

The Clarksville Main Street core values are:

*Shared Responsibility – We strive to promote pride in this community as well as emphasize the responsibility of each individual to care for and preserve our heritage. While our focus is local we understand that local pride translates positively in both national and global heritage preservation and pride.

*Tradition – The history of Clarksville and Red River County is rich and is a source of great interest and pride. Preserving this heritage through education is a key core value of the Clarksville Main Street program.

*Respect and Integrity – Fostering respect within our diverse community is integral to the success of the Clarksville Main Street program. Our cultural differences enrich the community. Incorporating these differences into Main Street activities enhances the experience for all while building a since of fairness and honesty. Both are keys to our communities continued well being.