Mayor Ann Rushing

Ann Rushing is the Mayor of the City of Clarksville, Texas. She was elected in 2000 and is presently serving her 7th term as Mayor.

She and her husband, Byron, reside in Clarksville. Ann has 3 children and 3 grandchildren and enjoys spending as much time as possible with family and friends and attending various activities that her grandchildren are involved in. She enjoys music, reading and shopping for antiques.

Before running for the office of Mayor, Ann worked for the Clarksville Independent School District for a number of years. She, her sister and mother own and operate an antique store on the historic Clarksville Square.

Ann serves on the Ark-Tex Council of Governments Executive Committee, the ATCOG Solid Waste Committee, Homeland Security Committee, Northeast Texas RC&D Council, and is clerk for the Red River County WCID, No.1, Langford Creek, Board of Directors. She serves in an ex-officio capacity on the Tourism Committee, Chamber board, Main Street Board and CEDC board.

She, along with the Clarksville City Council, City Manager and dedicated community and board members are working diligently to promote and market Clarksville and bring jobs, industry and water to the area.

The Mayor’s “Welcome to Clarksville” message on this website gives more insight as to the efforts underway to revitalize, restore, preserve and promote economic development in this very historic city.

“I want to work with all those willing to promote, revitalize and bring economic stimulus to our community,” says Mayor Rushing. “Contact me if you would like to work with us to “Save Main Street, Grow Industry and keep the Wheels of Progress turning”.

Mayor Ann Rushing
City of Clarksville
800 West Main Street
Clarksville, Texas 75426
903-427-3834 ext. 260