4/9/2020: From Mayor Ann Rushing and Red River County Judge L.D. Williamson


We would like to relay to the public how very proud we are of the citizens in our cities and county. We are experiencing hard times but as always our community has pulled together. Everyone is working hard to comply with the Declarations of the City, County and those of the Honorable Greg Abbott.

The Churches have done an excellent job of determining how best to bring you the Word of God but at the same time social distancing; including no more than 10 in a gathering. Thank you! We all do what we can to keep our community safe. Our businesses have been great and I know this has to be such an economic hardship on them. We thank our entire healthcare system, first responders, Lennox Health Resource Center, Law Enforcement and Fire Departments. Thank you to all that are working to keep us safe, seeing patients, testing and taking care of loved ones and responding to calls. Our teachers are to be commended! Our schools are closed but schooling continues! Thank you. Life goes on but not as we have known it. Still we have much to be thankful for.

If you are an essential business, please post on your door the measures you are taking to keep your employees and the public safe.

Other recommendations:

Stay home if you do not have to get out. If you do need to grocery shop, then one person goes versus the entire family.

Social Distancing, Social Distancing and Social Distancing! We cannot emphasize this enough!!!

It is now recommended to wear the cloth face coverings/masks. We would highly recommend this. Try not to touch your face, nose or eyes. I commend all the individuals that are working hard to make masks and keep people safe. Thank you!

Hand washing and sanitizing, hand washing and sanitizing, hand washing and sanitizing.

Wear gloves when at the grocery store or the gas station. If no gloves are available, then wrap a plastic bag around your hand.

When at all possible, meet by phone. No unnecessary meetings. We never know who might have been exposed.

Please adhere to the curfew in place.

Thank you to the Clarksville Food Pantry. Measures were taken to ensure we keep our distance, stay safe and provide our community with much needed food. Thank you to the Clarksville Food Pantry, Pastor Mike Rowe, City of Clarksville and volunteers.

I would like to give a big thank you to Chad Lee Johnston, Human Resource Generalist and the donation committee of Campbell Soup. Campbell Soup gave the Clarksville Food Bank a very generous donation of a variety of non-parishables. Thank you!

Most importantly, we continue to pray to God. God is the guardian of our souls. Pray for his protection. Keep the Faith. We all have the potential to handle what comes our way. We are one family, in this together. We are in a storm no doubt. We have an anchor, rudder and hope. He will steer us to safety but we must do our part.

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